How to Use Beard Balm

How to Use Beard Balm

1. Purchase Beard Monster beard balm.

2. Using the back of your thumb, scrape out a thumbnail sized portion of balm.

3. Smear the balm into your palm, and rub it between your hands. The balm should melt pretty easily between your palms. Make sure you don't leave any solid chunks or flecks of balm before applying!

4. Apply the balm as you would the oil, by first combing your fingers up through your beard, then wiping them back down again.

​5. Once the balm is worked into your beard, you should be able to do a little shaping. You can do this with a brush or comb, or simply by using your fingers. Some basic shaping should be easy to achieve with your hands, and with a bit of smoothing you should see the more wily hairs of your beard brought to bear!


  • Beard balm offers some of the same benefits as beard oil, with the added bonus of providing some hold. It's better for more established beards.
  • You can use both oil and balm as the same time, to get the best of both worlds! There is oil in the balm, so if you use both, consider using a smaller amount of oil, lest ye become to greasy!
  • If you are ordering in winter, or just live somewhere super cold, your balm might arrive kinda hard. To fix this, put about a quarter inch of hot water in a bowl and set the tin in it. You may need to change the water out once or twice as it cools, but it shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes to soften up enough for use.
  • Make sure you store your balm at room temperature. Too cold and it will partially freeze, leaving it hard; too warm and it might get too liquidy.

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