Beard Oil & Beard Balm Combo Set

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If you need hydration, conditioning, and style, using both balm and oil is the right way to go. And when you buy both, we'll even throw a little discount your way.

What you get:

  • One bottle of beard oil (one or two ounces - your choice)
  • One jar of beard balm (two ounces)

The benefits these two killer products offer are manifold. Manifold as all hell. Check it out:

  • Beard oil hydrates your beard and that dry, flaky face skin under it
  • Beard oil helps prevent that dry, itchy skin and the dandruff that it can cause
  • Beard balm seals in moisture, helping to keep your beard hydrated all day
  • Beard balm provides style hold, helping turn that monster mane into a moldable mass
  • Beard balm volumizes and thickens your beard
  • Both products soften your beard and toss a little shine on there

You need more? Alright, how about this; by using these two products together, you get twice the benefit. It's called synergy, my man. Beard oil moisturizes, and beard balm seals in that moisture. Both products contain the same scent, making the power of your super masculine fragrance even more potent. And buying the combo even makes your whole purchase a little cheaper than it would be buying them separately.


For a more detailed description of the fragrances, click here.

  • Bigfoot: Northwest cedar.
  • Ghostly Pirate: Spiced rum and orange
  • Vampire Hunter: Tobacco & spice (cigars)
  • Wolfman: Pine forest
  • Zombie Killer: Pine & sweet tea
  • The Reaper: Tea tree & mint
  • Witch Doctor: Lime, orange, and coconut
  • The Creature: Cedar, pine, frankincense, & bergamot
  • Viking: Subtle woodsy scent with nutty, grassy, and citrusy notes.
  • Gravedigger: Smokey, earthy, and fresh. Like after a summer rain.
  • Psycho Clown: Sweet blood orange and vanilla.
  • Jack the Ripper: Vanilla and lavender.