Trinity of Terror Kit

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The Trinity of Terror is a sort of cross between our beard oil / beard balm combos and our beard oil sample packs. Each of these wicked beard grooming tool kits comes with:

  • 3 vials of MONSTER Beard Oil (14ml or about a half ounce each)
  • Black slide-top tin of Invisible Man beard balm.

The balm is unscented, because we wanted to offer a variety of oil scents without fear of clashing with a scented balm.

Each Trinity of Terror kit has three oil scents, all united by a common theme. Those are:

Forest of Blood (Woodsy Scents)

Includes Bigfoot, Wolfman, and Viking

These scents are based on cedar and pine, and are great for anyone who likes natural, outdoors fragrances.

Horror From Below (Citrus Scents)

Includes Ghostly Pirate, Witch Doctor, and Psycho Clown

Based in orange and lime, these scents are light, with some tropical and beachy tones thrown in.

Tomb of the Beard Monster (Spicy Scents)

Includes Vampire Hunter, Creature, and Ghostly Pirate

Our most "spicy" scented oils, featuring strong notes of clove, cinnamon, or frankincense.

Allergy Warning: All products include tree nut oil (almond).


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