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You've been cleaning your MANE for years using our beard wash. But what about your FLESH? That's what this all natural coconut oil soap is for. When you're all done with a tough day of killing vampires, wrestling werewolves, mowing down legions of zombies - whatever you do with your Tuesday afternoon - you need a good soap that will clean you up without drying out your skin.

This is that bar soap.

And did we mention that it comes in several MONSTER fragrances? No, but we are mentioning it now.

This is a simple, house-made soap produced in the MONSTER Lair. No pre-made melt-and-pour stuff here.

We saponify our own 100% pure coconut oil. Coconut oil makes a great soap because it is gentle on your skin and works up a hell of a lather, making it a breeze to rinse that tenacious zombie goop off your hands.

Our fragrances are made up of all natural elements (essential oils and resins).

How natural is this soap? Check out this ingredient list.

Ingredients: Coconut oil, lye, water, fragrance