Beard Monster Carbon Comb

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Finding the right comb for your beard might seem like a simple task. But try a few ordinary combs and you'll find that this is not the case. The hair in your beard is different from the hair on your head, and not every comb is ideal for both. 

We have taken a real shine to carbon combs lately, and I'll tell you why. Wooden combs absorb oil, and you can't squeeze it out. Metal combs cause static. Plastic combs, as anyone who has put one in their pocket for more than an hour or two, only to pull out a pocket full of comb teeth can tell you, are highly breakable. 

Carbon is the solution. These combs are made partially of plastic, but with carbon added to the mix. The resulting material does not generate static, can be easily cleaned, and is not easily broken.

For the shape of our comb, we went with a classic and recognizable design. One side, with wider teeth, is best suited for volumizing, or for the initial detangling in longer beards. The side with the finer teeth is ideal for shorter beards, mustaches, and finer style control in any size beard.

Size: 8.25" (21cm) x 1.5" (4cm)