Complete Beard Kit

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If you're looking for the most complete beard solution available, well, you've found it. Beard Monster offers the most complete beard kit available. It includes everything you need to take your beard from "hair growing out of your face" to "awesome mane of a majestic celestial lion." In other words, it's a fully stocked arsenal to fight the war against a dry, nasty beard.

Your tools include:

  • Beard oil, to help prevent dry, itchy beard-skin and keep your beard hair nice and soft. (1 oz. square or 2 oz. skull bottle)
  • Beard balm, to thicken and sculpt your beard. (2 oz.)
  • Beard wash, to wash your beard without drying it out. (4 oz.)
  • Original Scent Beard Conditioner, to soften up that mane (4 oz.)
  • Mustache wax, to keep your 'stache out of your mouth and straight on point. (1 oz.)
  • Boar bristle brush, to help distribute oils throughout your mane.
  • Carbon antistatic comb, for combing. Ya know.
  • Trimming Scissors to keep your beard and mustache straight.

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Unlike our other beard kit, this one does not come in a wooden box. This makes it great for refilling all your beard supplies, re-boxing in your own packaging, or just saving a little money vs. the other kit. It does come packaged in a sheer black gift bag, giving it a classy look. And we're all about class. Class and monsters.

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