Monster Cologne
MONSTER Cologne - Four Horsemen
Vampire Hunter Cologne by MONSTER
Viking Cologne by MONSTER
Ghostly Pirate Cologne by MONSTER
Monster Cologne

Monster Cologne

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For a long time, bearded monsters have enjoyed the fragrances we make here at Beard Monster. And for about as long, we've been asked if we'll ever make a wearable fragrance with those same scents, and we've had to answer in the negative. Well, no more.

We're proud to introduce Monster Cologne for men. We've selected three of our most popular scents (with more to come) to lead the charge into a new category of product. The formula is simple; the highest grade of perfumer's alcohol combined with the same fragrance blends that go into our beard oils, balm, washes, and mustache waxes. 

The fragrances are subtle but lasting. They do not overwhelm, so you won't be that guy. Instead they simmer quietly for hours, offering anyone lucky enough to get close to you a good reason to stay there.

    Each comes in a one ounce bottle with a silver spray-top covered by a protective sheath. 

    Do not apply near an open flame. It's 80% alcohol, and that alcohol is super high proof. So be careful.

    Notes on shipping: We can't ship these outside the USA. If we get an order like that, we will have to cancel it. Also, they cannot be shipped priority or express; if you order it with other stuff, it will probably come in a separate package. 

    Ingredients: Alcohol, fragrance

      • Dracula: Rose & cedar
      • Four Horsemen: Tobacco, coffee, leather, & musk
      • Ghostly Pirate: Blood orange and spiced rum
      • Vampire Hunter: Spiced tobacco
      • Viking: Vetiver & cedar

      Note: These are not ingredient lists. They are descriptions of the fragrances. If you have a sensitivity to any essential oil, ask us and we will let you know if we use it!

      For a more detailed fragrance list, click here.