Soft Goat Stubble and Beard Softener

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Not everyone wants to wear a monster beard. We get that. Even our company founder went through a few years in his twenties where he just maintained a five o'clock shadow twenty-four hours a day. And boy does he wish he knew about the Soft Goat pads during that time.

Why? Because these bad boys soften stubble like nothing else. They're like little circles of magic sandpaper that will dull the sharp points of stubble hair without being abrasive to your skin or inhibiting growth. That means you're more comfortable, and so is anyone who might be touching your face (looking at you, ladies).

If you keep the stubble look, you'll want to use these often. If you're growing out a new beard, they can really help ease you through the uncomfortable period when your stubble starts to pierce through your skin like a thousand tiny daggers.

They come as a 3-pack. If you are growing a new beard, one pack should be plenty to get you through that early period. For a permanent stubble look, you'll need no more than a pack per month.

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