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We used to sell plain mustache wax. This here? This is something different.

Our Transylvanian Mustache Pomade is a brand new recipe that we think you'll love more than any wax you have used before. The specific ingredients we use, in their specific proportions, make this wax the best holding, easiest to use product you have ever used in your mustache. If it isn't, we'll take it back for a full refund. 

To talk about the benefits of this wax, we need to break down the ingredients:

  • Beeswax is nature's glue. It's the best natural adhesive for your mustache, as it spreads easily through the hairs, coating them and holding them together as one, and allowing you to style your 'stache.
  • Coconut oil provides moisture so the wax conditions your mustache hairs. Unlike harder waxes, which can leave your whiskers dry, the good helping of oil in this product will keep your 'stache moisturized.
  • Shea butter makes the wax easier to spread; easier to twist in with your fingers, and easier to comb in with a mustache comb. It also enhances the conditioning power of the coconut oil by creating a moisture barrier.
  • Pine gum rosin adds a crucial finishing touch to the wax, giving it a stiffer, firmer hold and helping it to keep your 'stache up all day. Unlike with many other waxes, you're not going to need to keep adding more wax all day. 

Using this wax is simple. Slide open the lid on the easy-to-use, vintage style tin, and scoop out a pea-sided ball of wax with your thumbnail. Roll it into a ball, then rub it between your index fingers. Work the wax into your mustache from the top, then along the bottom, scooping out a bit more wax if necessary. Comb the wax in, and style your mustache as desired. Twist extra wax into the ends if you want to get some curls going on. If you have a particularly long or thick mustache, you might need to use more wax than others (particularly if you want it to stand up).

Our waxes are available in the same great fragrances that our other products are, so you can coordinate with the same fragrances without conflict. Or you can mix it if you prefer, combining scents into something new and awesome.

  • Bigfoot: Northwestern cedar
  • Creature: Bold wood and frankincense.
  • The Reaper: Peppermint and vanilla.
  • Ghostly Pirate: Blood orange and spiced rum.
  • Vampire Hunter: Tobacco and spices (similar to cigars).
  • Viking: Woodsy, nutty, grassy, with a bit of citrus (natural and invigorating).
  • Witch Doctor: Tropical (heavily lime, with hints of orange, vanilla, and coconut).
  • Wolfman: Pine forest (pine and other woodsy elements)
  • Zombie Killer: Southern scents (pine, tobacco, sweet tea).
  • Gravedigger: Smokey, earthy, and fresh. Like after a summer rain.
  • Psycho Clown: Sweet blood orange and vanilla.
  • Jack the Ripper: Vanilla and lavender.

Contains .7 oz. of mustache wax. Packaged in vintage style, slide-top tins.

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