Order of Monsters

The Order of Monsters is a charity beard club organized by MONSTER Flesh & Mane. We're dedicated to helping children, the elderly, veterans, and those with disabilities.


MONSTER was founded in 2014 (as Beard Monster at the time). Since then we have chipped in a few dollars here and there to charity, but nothing all that formal. Not until December of 2018, that is, when we offered to donate a dollar from every item sold in the Krampus scent (our seasonal fragrance) to Bikers Against Child Abuse. It was very inspiring for us to be able to give several hundred dollars to a good cause that year.

In 2019 we decided to formalize our efforts a bit. That's why the Order of Monster has been established.

Our Mission

All our lives we've been those weird people. The kid in the leather jacket, the adult with tattoos and colored hair; the rebellious kids who never outgrew rebellion. That's the sort of person we have always done our best to cater to as a company. It's who we are, so it's who we understand best.

There's a kind of fun irony when the sort of person old ladies don't approve of is the same person who donates regularly to children's' charities. It's a good look that we've always liked.

The mission of the Order of Monsters is to show that even the metalheads, goths and punks, even the southern rebels and the southwestern bikers, can have good hearts, and can do good for our society. We may be different, we may look scary to straight-laced society, but like Frankenstein's monster, that doesn't make us bad. If we come together, we outsiders, we can be a positive force in the lives of the disadvantaged.

How We Give

At time of launch, the primary means of fundraising for the Order of Monsters is the Sinister Stash. This is a subscription service for MONSTER customers who like our eclectic nature, and want access to exclusive products and fragrances that other customers can't get. A portion of the profits from each box sold will be donated to a different charity every month.

We say "a portion" rather than an exact amount as we are looking at a percentage of profit, and each month's box will have a variable cost. Thus the donation will vary monthly.

As the boxes begin to sell, we would also like to be able to sponsor charity events, and possibly even host our own in the future. More opportunities to donate will become available as time goes on as well.

MONSTER will choose a charity to benefit every month.

How to Join

Joining is simple; just subscribe to the Sinister Stash. That'll get you an official Order of Monsters t-shirt with your first box. You'll also get plenty of swag regularly in the Stash to support the Order. As long as you're subscribed, some of that money you're paying for the box will go the the month's charity.

We would love to have members who are down with helping out people in need. If you're wearing an Order of Monsters t-shirt, we'd like you to be a good representative for the organization. Opportunities to help the disadvantaged don't necessarily come along every day, but we can at least be pillars of our communities. Charity can be as simple as an act of basic kindness, so as we monsters roam our communities as dark kings, we should strive to spread goodness wherever we go.


Check out the Sinister Stash.

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