Order of Monsters Sinister Stash

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Note: Subscription is charged monthly. Subscriptions ship on the first of the month.

The next Sinister Stash will be announced on (or around) the 15th of August. You can subscribe at any time.

Your first Stash will include the official Order of Monsters t-shirt as a bonus.

When you subscribe to the Sinister Stash, you're not just buying a badass array of exclusive MONSTER products for your flesh and mane. You're becoming a part of the Order of Monsters. The Order is dedicated to making the world a better place through charitable acts and donations, focusing on women, children, and vulnerable people such as veterans and the differently-abled. A portion of the profit from sales of the Sinister Stash will be dedicated to those causes.

The Sinister Stash is not just a subscription box. It's an opportunity for us to bring you creative, fresh products every month that we don't necessarily want to add to the regular line-up of MONSTER products. These are exclusive products that won't be available to non-subscribers. Check out the video below for a more complete explanation.

Orders placed by the 29th of the month (or the 27th of February) will receive the upcoming month's box. If you order after the 29th, your first box will be the following month.

On the Order of Monsters